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In our farm we produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil. Not far from the farmhouse, near the village of Panicale, we have a plot of land with 600 OLIVE TREES.

The harvest takes place between October and November depending on the weather and therefore the state of ripeness of the olives. We still harvest in the traditional way by hand-picking the olives from the tree. The freshly picked olives are brought immediately to the oil mill where they are cold pressed once and in within 24 hours from the harvest! The freshly pressed oil has a wonderful dense green color and an intense and slightly spicy flavor on the tongue. After a few months of seasoning it becomes sweeter, more delicate.



Book your holiday during harvest and experience how to make olive oil!

Time: mid October - mid Novembre

What you need: waterproof boots, comfortable clothing.

Climate: generally warm and sunny with the possibility of morning mists.

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